These are the Activities that are organised by the Leiden-Oxford-Link
and the Friends of Oxford
or in which they have been  involved.



   Agenda 2016:

       November visit Oxford by Roelof Hol
       Vist to Torun by Roelof Hol
       Klick on the move
       BplusC International Dancefestival
       Second Jubileeweekend July 2016
       First Jubileeweekend July 2016
       Leidcycle 2016
       Mayvisit 2016    

   Agenda 2015:

         Novemberbezoek Oxford
             My impressions of Oxford
             Klick Oxford
       Noyes Fludde
       Summerdance/Leidse Mesh

 Report Visit Oxford 

November 2016

The 70th anniversary was closed during my visit
of 10 t / m November 13, 2016.
From Leiden  

Fot the report  please click here

Report Visit Torun 

October 18-22 2016


If you want to see this report please click here

Klick on the Move

The Old School at Church Square Peter organized the young artists of KLICK, 

a collaboration of artists from Oxford and Leiden, from 26-31 July, 

an exhibition entitled "Sense of Place".

Klick members finalize their artworks
(Photo Leiden newspaper article by Laura Heerlien)

The municipality of Leiden supported this exhibition with a financial contribution. From

28 October - 13 November, they again hold an exhibition in Oxford. 

We hope the enthusiasm of the artists to create a common work 

of art that should symbolize the 70 years of twinning with Oxford, whether in the Singel Park. 

The first contacts were established with the Singel Park. CLICK gave in the last joint meeting of two 

committees a presentation with their thoughts on this. The road to realization will take some action, but it is a start.

CLICK consists of Emma van Noort (nominated for an art prize Leiden), Georgia Louise Harris,
Hannah Jacques and  
Matthee de Bruin, all from Leiden. The Oxonian contribution consists of
Emma MayouAndrews, Lauren Baldwin, Samuel Harriman and Thamsin Corrigan.
Our poet, Wouter Ydema did the poem's contribution
Emma Mayoux-Andrews at the exhibition in Leiden. To be continued.

BplusC International 

Dance and Theatre Festival

On July 23, the final implementation of the international theater festival BplusC took place in the 

Leyden Volkshuis at the Apothekersdijk. Readers of the Leiden newspaper may have read a 

short article with a photograph. 

The execution took advantage of both the street and all kinds of spaces in the Volkshuis

Ita de Hes was again the tireless and very enthusiastic

 instigator off it alll.

About 50 young people from Germany (Bonn is a sister city of Oxford), Poland (Torun) 

and Leiden (and environs) had put in a special program together in another one week and practiced.

An audience of about 70 people enjoyed the performance.

 Unfortunately, there were no participants from Oxford. It was for the organization already quite a 

challenge to get those foreign participants  under roof and the Oxonians there was no room in the  Leiden Inn. 

 An additional problem was that the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford, the partner of BplusC is in reorganization, 

and has just been having appointed a new director, so communication was a bit difficult.
 But the shelter problem is symptomatic: the young artists from Leiden and Oxford, united in Klick, 

have the same problem, but can relatively easily together 'on the bench'. Larger groups remain a problem, 

partly because there are no cheap overnight accommodation in Leiden, especially not in the high season. 

The tradition that participants stay together partly by changes in living conditions, which have become worn thin.. 

Suggestions for improvements herein are gladly received by the management of the partnership.

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Report Second Jubilee 

Weekend 8-10 July 2016

On Friday, July 8 I returned from London where I had done research at The National Archives. 

From Kew to central station Oxford went fine, from the station by bus to Kidlington where I stayed with 

John Chipperfield took almost an hour! Luckily I was just in time for the trip to Hill End, a kind of hostel 

about 7 km outside of Oxford where the two bands of K & G (K & G 3;  Young K & G) were accommodated. 

There were allready some members of the Oxford Committee  preparing for a barbecue for about 70 people. 

Hill End has the atmosphere of youth hostels in the 60s: simple accommodations, facilities, especially in 

separate buildings outside, and in this case a lot of grass and hills and sheep. Malcolm Ryder, 

Bill & Gill Pinkerton and Don Deany were active performers of the BBQ. 
After we had driven the sheep from the BBQ area, they could start to prepare.
Tradition is that Don
Deany always snippers the onions.

Therefore his nickname
the Onion Man.

The truck with the tools arrived on time, so things could be unloaded.
The bus arrived at about the time and everyone was still in the late eveningsun enjoying burgers, sausages,
salads and fruit. Alcohol is prohibited in Hill End! The bus brought an extra guest. Our former chairman,
Eric Philemon come along. Due to personal circumstances could Hans Ladan, who had prepared
performances unfortunately, not be present together with the Oxford Committee.

The ambitious program, a total of three performances per band for Saturday was reviewed.
Later also members of the Brass Band Oxford of the Oxford University joined the companions.

Young K & G was first on Saturday morning for an event to Witney on the Carnival Parade, 

K & G 3 went to Botley for action.

The Committee went to Oxford to prepare for the performence of K & G 3 on Bonn Square. 

For lunch and dressing was rented the vicorage of the Baptists Church in Bonn Square . 

Lunch was provided by a charity organization that engages in such activities to raise funds. 

Due to the increased red tape got some members of the Oxford Committee awarded 

a yellow vest to operate as steward: even your president was deployed, as guarding the rectory entrance. 

Public interest was high when K & G 3 went to play, especially since Queen Street was closed because 

of construction traffic. The band played the necessary numbers from their repertoire that they would 

play in the evening in the town hall. 

Later in the afternoon, Jong K & G also came to Bonn Square. Their marching through Queen Street 

caused some problems with the urban organization because a few hundred meters no 

march- (sic) authorization was granted. 

The audience visibly enjoyed the weather and fortunately also good, dry anyway.

The anniversary concert took place at 19:00 in the Town Hall. K & G Youth Marching Band,
K & G 3 Stage Band, together with Oxford University Brass Band and the Strawberry Fayre Majorettes
gave several performances for an audience of about 60 people. The Oxford University Brass Band had the
week before been in Leiden in The Burcht. The bands played easily catchy music that was clearly appreciated.
Don Rouse, the instigator of the visit of K & G acted as master of ceremonies.

A special role was played by Eric Philemon that as mayor Pieter van der Werff his contribution delivered in the
form of a song from the youth chorale and the famous "I am Pieter van der Werff": the audience sang along loudly.
Around 21:30 ended the concert.

It is tradition in England that anniversaries are celebrated every 10 years, the five-year anniversary gets much less attention.
Allthough the appeal to the audience to be mostly members of the Twinning Committee of Leiden in 10 years there
will yet again have fewer members than now. But suppose may
be that this committee has achieved a
dignified and beautiful program for the 70th anniversary of Leiden-Oxford.

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Report First Jubilee 

Weekend 1-5 July 2016

Thursday June 30
After a flight of 40 minutes we landed at Luton- airport. Jo and Brian were already waiting to enter the terminal.
Brian is very fond of tourist routes so that we instead of after 50 miles,  
after99 miles  finally

arrived in Kidlington. According to him, we were not in a traffic jam on the highway.
Jo went straight to make sandwiches and we had  a cozy evening.
In the evening  eaten
deliciouspeas from there own gardenwith rice, eggplant with cheese and grilled duck.
After diner between rainshowers a walk and after that t dessert, strawberries(
also from the garden) with icecream .

Friday, July 1
In the morning there was nothing to do. At 13.00 I went with Jo on the bus to Oxford.


There was a reception in the Town Hall, which unfortunately was somewhat disappointing. 

After consuming a cup of coffee or tea, there were a few short speeches. After that we went into the chamber of the Lord Mayor and looked at pictures of Lord Mayor's of many previous years.
 Then there was a nice church service that was done together with a female pastor coming from the Netherlands. 
She lived for 38 years in England.

At 17.30 we were back home. Brian then brought us all fourFish and Chips .
After dinner we went for a drink to John Chipperfield, where Roelof also staying.

Saturday, July 2    

I'm with Jo drove to Kidlington  to buy some fat quarters (quilt fabric).
In the afternoon by bus to Oxford, fortunately it was dry.
Ingrid Moerman gave a lecture at the Town Hall on Alice in Wonderland.

Afterwards this Menso and Eveline  went with us back with the bus to the home of Jo and Brian, 

Jo was to Malcolm's home to get everything ready for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.
We had to drive at 17.00 also to Malcolm, where the party was held in the garden
Several people were dressed up and had many a hat.

There were all kinds of snacks, from rolls in heart shape, stuffed tomatoes, small pieces of pizza 

to a magnificent cake that had made Gill. Several layers with far-decorative creations that were 

related to the Leiden / Oxford link.

Unfortunately, there was an occasional heavy rain, so we crept into the party tent all together, 

which was on a very wet muddy lawn. The bottom of Gill's white pants were completely in mud.
After we had cleared everything with many hands, we went home.

John and Roelof came in the evening and we were still  get a drink and pleasant chat.
Sunday, July 3
At 11.00 pm we went again to Oxford by bus, to the Town Hall and from there we walked to the

"Head of the River" in about 20 minutes, it would leave the boat 🚤om 12.30.

We were all exactly on time. The Lord Mayor had brought his wife and three of the five children and a security guard.

We have two and a half hours trip on the Thames, afterthat we all together (36 people) hat something to 

drink at a crowded, sunny terrace. This was offered to us by John Chipperfield, he and Marilyn were

this year 40 years at the link.

At 18.00 pm we were back home again and Jo hat a delicious meal cooked.
Broad beans and potatoes from their own garden and chicken from the supermarket haha.
In the evening Val and Bill Butcher passed and not much later, John and Roelof. We hat a nice chat together..
Monday, July 4
9am Jo sat at the computer to print out the tabletickets, which I then neatly cut, meanwhile, 

Brian and Daan have made us a nice breakfast.
11.00 Janet, Don, Eveline and Menso stood at the door and we drove all together by bus to Summertown, 

we switched to another bus to get to  "Brooke's Restaurant" . This bus took us through the hospital area,

where all hospitals in Oxford stand together, it looks like a "village hospital." 

At 12.30 began the delicious lunch, where we were with 46 people. 

15:30 We said goodbye to everyone and went back to the bus,

It was only on the wayback  30 minutes driving but it took us 1 hour and 15 minutes, 

then we switched again in Summertown  on the bus to Kidlington,  where we arrived at 18:00

Brian was at 19:00 still willing to drive to Botley with me (in traffic) to go for our oldest granddaughter

to a sports shop to buy shorts.
At 20:00 we were back where Jo again had prepared a delicious meal.
After diner Brian and Daan have looked at very ancient maps of Leiden and memories collected from 

what formerly was all in Leiden.

Tuesday, July 5
After a full English breakfast, we packed our bags again and drove at 12.30 direction Luton, 

we have again done about 2 hours. The plane departed on time at 16:30 and after an hour we were 

back at the airport.
Our suitcase was there after 5 minutes have been waiting.
Jan and Trudy Klingeler also were waiting and no trafficjam so we were home after half an hour.
These were six very tiring days, but so very cozy, where we were. 

A lot of people talked and ate and drank too much !!!!
Very often we have been sitting in the bus, but even that was interesting, because Brian and Jo knew almost from every 

building something to say. Especially when you sat on top of the bus and then as a real tourist on the front seats.


Leidcycle 2016

From 22nd to June 24th, 2016, the first LeidCycle, a cycling event place: young people from Oxford, 

Torun and Leiden participated in an event that should lead to gaining knowledge and experience on eachothers

"cycling world". The municipality of Leiden had a strong organizational contribution: not only the 

coordination by the International Bureau of the city, but also by the contribution from the ROC Leiden 

and the University of Leiden.


The aim was, in addition to the social component, the exchange of knowledge and experience and thus bringing 

elements for a contribution from Leiden in 2017 during a large annual bike event in Oxford, Low Carbon Week. 

In the meantime, we are also trying to get an exchange of teachers of the ROC for each other. To be continued


 Program Cycle Cycling Event Lead 22-06 t / m 24-06

Tuesday, June 21
Oxford arrival Schiphol
Leiden +/- 20:00
Torun arrival Schiphol
Leiden +/- 23:00

Wednesday, June 22

Say hello with coffee and cake

Presentation of the participants and acquaintance

Meet at Bike Easy, Haagweg 8

Welcome Moment municipality of Leiden (B & W)

Presentation about bicycles in Leiden

Welcome alderman Leiden.
Explanation theory for fietsexamen.
You get backpacks with food, drinks, a map etc.

 Cycling to the Burght
- Here we go picnicking
Cycling through Leiden and, also, by bicycle parking De Waag
To Mill The Falcon for a tour
Tour of ROC & dine there
Old Dutch games in the Leiden wood forest! (Remember: sack race, nail defecate, koekhappen ..)

Thursday June 23

Collect the bikes at Centraal Station
Your backpack filled with snacks again.

 Heineken tour in Zoeterwoude!

Then cycle back to Leiden Centre  to eat pancakes at the Beestenmarkt.

Bicycles in an underground bicycleshed.

 Cruise with drinks and snacks

Cycling to Katwijk and there watch  sunset and possibly drink         Farewell dinner at Bregje in                                 Breestraat

Friday, June 24

Brunch and you will be asked what was your experience in recent days to conclude.
You get at the end still a surprise to take home

Mayvisit 2016

May 2:
After some waiting our guests arrived at about 18:00 at La Place in Zoeterwoude.

After that everyone was provided from coffee, tea or other drink,  was extensively 

discussed the coming days that are dedicated to the 70th anniversary.



Everyone wanted quick go away to eat with the guests and what to talk, 

because to get up in the morning at 4:00 is not very nice.


Chatting at La Place

3 May: Sailing trip to Katwijk
With Leiden Shipping Company was a cruise organized 

through the Oegstgeester Channel to Katwijk and back through the Old Rhine.



on board?

De Herder

Against the wind it is really a bit cold!

Luckely the harbor was in sight to get warm and have a lunch.. After a very nice lunch(behind windows we went back to the boat. .

Just another look at the see and then back home.

What is writen there?

May 3: Reception at the Town Hall, 

Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester.

The visit of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, 

who was making his debut in 1586 

as the new governor of the Republic, was reenacted


Arrival at the Leiden Cityhall(*).

Mayor Lenferink welcomes the earl(*).

In the read certificate was asked space for the horses and many soldiers(*).

(*) Pictures are made disposable by J.P. Kranenburg of Sleutelstad.nl

The mayor answered the count  with a warm welcome,
Leiden for good reason always had the name to be a haven

for Immigration and / or refugees, then and now.

The reception was by the municipality of Leiden, 

offered to our English guests and the Lord Mayor of Oxford.

The lord Mayor of Oxford and the Mayor of Leiden(*


4 mei: Rememberance at the  Haagsche Schouw and the Pieterskerkplein.

In the afternoon, was de rememeberenceat the Haagsche Schouw 

with The band of Liberation

Poppies laid by the British Legion

Don Deany with the oldest Leidse soldier.

In the evening there was the National Memorial on the PetersChurch Square,

with after that   the Social Evening at the Fitzki family.

City Poet Wouter Ydema        The Lord Mayor of Oxford

The Social Evening bij de familie Fitski.

Would you like to                   But he will not be 
drink something?                      dangerous!

Another one?

May 5: National Liberation.
During the day there was no program for our guests,
so that everyone could do something fun with or without family.
In the evening there was dinner at the Lepelaar.

Welcome with music

                                                    Speech 1                      Speech  2                       Speech 3

The Lord Mayor offered to the leiden City

                                                        and to our Citylink a fantastic shiled of the Oxford arms.

After all this it was Roelof Hol our chairman for Speech 4 

6 mei: Depature English guests

Also the departure of our English Friends was from La Place

Visit to Oxford november  2015

Impressions of my visit to Oxford from 

5-9th of november 2015(by Roelof Hol)

It was a busy weekend this year. I started on Friday afternoon with a meeting with the international officer 

of the city of Oxford. This feature is for years fulfilled by May Wylie, but after her retirement has 

changed the content of the job and the hours for the twinning are dramatically brought back 

18 hours a week is not much for five twinning (!). This means prioritizing. For the Leiden situation, 

we will focus on a project cycle, where we also try to involve Torun, another Leiden twinning. 

After the conversation that took place in the Turl, where the tile is entirely made in Escher style, 

a moment Blackwell & Blackwell.


And I have so much at home reading, but facing retirement time aspect will give
 the slightest problem ... In the evening of 5 November to the social evening at the headquarters
of the Thames Valley Police (you know where Morse was attached). Most other Leideners there
already: our Oxonian friends have again put a nice, cold meal ready

The evening provides vivid invade as Leiden and Oxonian artists Klick.
The project to bring young artists from both cities together had a turbulent start, but is now beginning to develop positively. The foundation Carrot & Onion Leiden is also involved in this project. Our poet Wouter Ydema, who was abducted by Menso and Eveline Giesbert from Leiden and staying in the family of Diana Bell, is unfortunately unable to attend.

Around 23 o'clock I go to the house of Brian and Jo Hawtin Kidlington.
Saturday is traditionally the joint meeting place in the aforementioned headquarters. A full agenda, 

a much too small committee room. A good, firm meeting, the dispute shall be buried among 

artists about Klick. The large grain project is now because of inadequate finances changed to 

a more modest design. Noyes Fludde was almost canceled due to lack of financial support from 

the city of Oxford, but Alice weekend in July next year continues.

And Guiding Committee for the 70th anniversary jairg should go put a new program together
(but we will keep a surprise!). After the meeting the extensive lunch, which again is very well kept
by our friends from the Oxford Committee.

After lunch, I go along with Carel, to the city where we Petry Reading "Reflections on humanity" will assist in the Chapel of Christchurch. The whole is organized by Diana Bell, we welcomed a Leiden eervorig year with its large steel book (Town Hall Square). Leiden input is in good hands with our poet, Wouter Ydema, under the attentive ear of the necessary Leiden citizens, including our mayor, a poem by Toon Tellegen for bears. In total there are recited poems in 18 languages, in the program are the English translations. All this is actually quite well with the theme of the symposium which organized Leiden in 2010, the Art of Translation.


After the public meeting -the visit by tourists just went - we went to the Lord Mayors Parlour

where Wouter in front of the guests recite his poem he had written in 2015 for the ceremony
of Remembrance at St. Peter's Church, two minutes in our language and a translation in English.
A warm applause is his portion. I have to leave earlier because it waits annual dinner.
By bus back to Kidlington, change clothes and with my host family at the Golf Club of Kirtlington,
which is large enough to accommodate the company of about 60 people to the familiar simple but nutritious meal.


I am lord of the table Lady Mayoress. Traditonal we close the dinner with speeches by the 

Lord Mayor (very short this year), Henri Lenferink, which concludes by expressing concern 

about the reactions to refugees and myself who have historical themes linked to this year's 

Remembrance. After the speeches follow the traditional raffle (lottery).

Because Henri is now known for its winning tickets is also no surprise when he once again 

can redeem any auctions. The President of the Oxford Committee and myself share the prize circus. 

Sometimes you see people think nonverbally, hmmmm ... On the pitch-dark roads that occasionally 

explodes leaving a fireworks (Guy Fawkes Day just behind us) we are about midnight at home. 

Finally a break! On the day of the commemoration of the dead I get a hearty English breakfast 

of Jo Hawtin (the parade with all the trimmings will take all in all an hour), but it is a good base nice. 

My colleague President John Chipperfield, will pick me for the official parade. We gather as usual 

at St. Johns College and walk through St. Giles to the monument. The calls of all those English, 

historic features is always a feast for the ears ( "The High Sheriff of Oxfordshire .." and then 

someone comes dressed in 17th century costume, we come as people naturally like last turn! ))

There are some people along the fences, but it seems that there are fewer row spectators every year. 

Unlike in the Netherlands, November 11 always celebrated on the Sunday which is closest to the actual date.




Again it is no longer sec to commemorate those who died in both World Wars and other conflicts 

(especially in England now Afghanistan, for example), but to give in addition to remember too much 

attention to peace. Most Leiden participants are present as our mayor lays the wreath of poppies. 

Others are with their family to London, where the national memorial service will take place. 

After the memorial ceremony we drink coffee in St. Johns and take the first people farewell.

For lunch I had three requests: that of my host family, the city of Oxford (! In the Ashmolean Museum) 

and the people of Oxford International Link, which is lunch for years after the ceremony on 11 November 

with their guests from Leiden the large farm of Don Rouse.
This year's lunch earlier due to the departure of Hans Ladan. He is the contact person for the 

contribution of the K & G band during the anniversary party of the Oxonian Committee in 

July. I choose the contact between the two committees ... 

A lovely English Sunday afternoon lunch: roast beef. Hans I talk about the results of his discussions 

about the arrival of K & G: keep the news of lead-oxford follow, I would say. .



After lunch, which lasts of course longer than usual race John Chipperfield and I returned to 

Kidlington to listen to the concert of Kidlington Concert Brass.
A concert, intended to generate revenue for Poppy Appeal, the organization that raises money 

for soldiers, either maimed, returning from war zones where the British army operates.

Unfortunately, the revenues will fall tonight against, because the attendance is not large.
According to the organizers partly caused by the fact that the advertising signs (the "A's")

were all stolen within 24 hours of placement

Hat a nice concert, the first thing I've not visited over the years, mostly because I already had to travel
Sunday afternoon because of work. By 23:00 we are finally home again.

On Monday I was up very early because I had to be by bus from Heathrow and tube around 9:30
at The National Archives in London (Kew). Despite the morning that I succeeded. After my meeting
at Heathrow, the comprehensive control (every year more!), Flight to Amsterdam and then I'm
against it back home after a nice end of the day, busy but useful weekend in Oxford.

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Poëtryreading (by Wouter Ydema)

Ik trok een streep;
tot hier,
nooit ga ik verder dan hier.
Toen ik verder ging
trok ik een nieuwe streep,
en nog een streep.
De zon scheen
en overal zag ik mensen,
haastig en ernstig,
en iedereen trok een streep
iedereen ging verder


from the work of Toon Tellegen (1941) read by Wouter Ydema.


In January 2015, Wouter Ydema chosen to official city poet of Leiden.
He writes and shows his poems on paper, on stage, in music and what suits his fancy.
Collaboration with composers, choreographers and other artists is part of his repertoire; 

but his first and true love will always be: Poetry.



In Oxford there is one constant: whatever has been your daily schedule, in the end you end up in a pub. 

Whether you're looking through the Ashmolean museum on your own, and after a round of blazes through 

the streets of Oxford in the Eagle & Child perching for a snack; or after a day of official matters with a herd 

of poets in the King's Arms is a well-deserved pint London's Gold soldier. Sometimes it is simply the easiest 

way to somewhere to meet up with someone: "We'll meet eachother at the Whitehorse. 

In short, a city in my heart.


Add to that the chance in the Lord Mayors Parlour to contribute from their own work, an extended climb in 

Christchurch to hang in various art installations, The Pitt Rivers museum bookstores with untold meters of 

literature, a highly ceremonial memorial service, art exhibitions, international poetry meetings and a private 

tour of Oriel College and you get a small idea of four days poet in Oxford. I say a little idea, because the 

big story is not so easy to catch. In the words of the immortal bard: "Talking is not doing. It is a child 

doing good to say well; and yet words are not deeds. "

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Report of the novemberweekend Klick Oxford-Leiden(by Brenda Koene)

Early in the morning of Friday, we left from Leiden Central towards Oxford. At customs was equally thrilling 

whether we could take in hand luggage on the plane our art. Both Brenda and Emma were arrested and had to 

open their bags. There was some strange looks when a window frame, chains and cargo keys emerged, but 

both were given the benefit of the doubt.

From London Airport, we took the bus to Oxford High street, 

where we Georgie and Emma Mayoux Andrews met.


 Impressed by the beautiful city and the double-decker buses we bumped our suitcases behind 

Emma M. that took us to a restaurant where, according to her, selling the best scones in Oxford.


That evening we had a busy schedule. We visited two exhibition openings and closed the evening 

with tasty snacks and socializing at the Link Social Evening. 

It was very nice to have the whole group 

of artists to meet with members of the Oxford Leiden Link.
Saturday we went hard at work. We could use the studio space from Samuel filament 14 Magdalen Road studios, 

where we brainstormed about our project and a planning made for the coming year.
We also got the opportunity here to finish our artwork for the exhibition the next day. 

In the afternoon we visited a poetry reading in Christchurch, which was opened for this special occasion for the public. 

The beautiful church and laden poems in different languages ​​were very impressive.
Sunday we went back pressure to work on our art in the studio to put the final finishing touches. 

Late in the afternoon we were able to build up in Freud. A beautiful location where 

we collectively have suspended the works. At 6 pm it was so far. The opening of the exhibition. 

It was a success. 

The first collaboration and acquaintance were fun, something we definitely want to continue. It was a busy, friendly and successful

weekend in Oxford.

Brenda Koene


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Noyes Fludde



Youth Symphony Orchestra Rijnstreek accompanies opera in Oxford

The Youth Symphony Orchestra Rijnstreek (JSR) made the crossing to England at the invitation of the 

city of Oxford, which Leiden has twinned. Oxford JSR was responsible for the supervision of two major 

youth choirs from Oxford and Bonn, various professional vocal soloists and a group of Russian dancers 

from Perm. In addition, as support the theme of the famous "Pirates of the Caribbean" films played.

two versions
The orchestra had weeks pressures practiced in orchestral parts, but on the spot there were also daily 

rehearsals led by British conductor John Lubbock to leave singing, music, dance and staging come 

together in one coherent performance.
After a week of intensive rehearsals, there were performances on Thursday and Friday in the 13th century 

University Church St Mary The Virgin and the enormous 'townhall' of Oxford, both in the center of the

university town. Afterwards the German, Russian, and English Leiden youngsters celebrated their success 

with a spectacular farewell party.

Card Leiden
Chairman of JSR Erik Sistermans traveled to Oxford to see action the orchestra. 

He came back very enthusiastic: "Our band members have made a great impression.
The public just did not stop applauding.
I am very proud of our conductor Mark Tempelaars, and all the musicians and the staff, who have 

worked to the bone above. A beautiful business card for Leiden we could not deliver. "
Lead has maintained since 1946 a twinning with the British university city of Oxford. 

The Foundation Stedenband Leiden-Oxford focuses on encouraging contacts between 

Leiden cultural institutions, sports clubs, orchestras and choirs and their counterparts in Oxford.


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First edition of "Summerdanceweek from BplusC"

This summer, the first edition of the International Summer Dance Week organized by BplusC.

Twenty-five Dutch and English dancers from nine to twenty years old, studied choreography, 'the journey',
 in forty minutes.
This choreography was created and rehearsed by BplusC dance teachers Francine van der Kamp
and Javed Scannell.
In addition, visual teacher Brigitte Ark ensured along with three participants for material
appropriate to the choreography.

The six British participants were dancers from the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford. BplusC has been for years a
close relationship with the youth theater school.

After three participations of the BplusC organized by Pegasus Mesh festival it was therefore time to give
something back.
An invitation from BplusC arrived at the Pegasus Theatre and Pegasus
Professor Allan Hutson decided to come up with his dance students.
They performed their own choreography,
power within', as for programs of 'the journey'.
The English participants can also enjoy happy addition to the many hours of training of our beautiful city of Leiden.
They were offered a tour of the Schuitje Vaart ', went shopping and exploring the nightlife.

The week was such a success that the Hes Ita, Head of art BplusC,
next summer will organize an expanded edition.

This time with participants from sister cities Oxford and Torun.

This brings so much work with it that she is looking for volunteers to help with the preparations
and / or the execution of the project.

Interested? Please contact i.dehes@bplusc.nl