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  • BBC Radio Oxford 

    David Prever

Small interview at BBC Oxford about Twin Cities of Oxford.
Click on the link and go to the fragment, which starts approximately at:
39 minutes and 54 seconds and ends at 42 minutes and 20 seconds.


Bestuur & organisatie

·       Vacatures bestuur vervullen (penningmeester, secretaris, evenementencoördinator): 

    nieuwe opzet structuur Stedenband

·       Bijeenkomsten bestuur : 1x 6 weken, excl. Joint Meetings (2)

·       Faciliteren ontvangst delegatie uit Oxford in mei

·       Deelnemen aan Joint Meeting in Oxford in November

Uitwisseling  ( [] de partners in de stad of elders)

·       Uitvoeren Bike Event deel 3 samenwerkingsproject Oxford-Torun rond thema fietsen: juni [Torun/Oxford]

·       Voorbereiden gemeenschappelijk project stedenbanden en singelpark [Torun/Oxford]

·       Bijdragen aan Oxfordprogramma inzet Oxford kunstenaars /illustrator 

    en KIOSK[Clare Carswell]

·       Overleg stadscurator kunst openbare ruimte [KLICK]

·       Bijdragen aan deelname BPlusC aan Folkatron in juni [BPlusC]

·       Bijdragen aan uitwisseling  1 voetbalclub [RCL Leiderdorp ]

·       Voorbereiden deelname UVS aan stedenbandtoernooi in Oxford [UVS]

·       Uitwisseling LHC Roomburg en Oxford City Hockeyclub: mei [LHC Roomburg]

·       Organisatie stedenbandtoernooi hockey voor meisjes in augustus in Leiden in 

    samenwerking met Torun [Torun, LHC Roomburg]

·       Uitwisseling Die Leythe 2019: onderzoek [Die Leythe]

·       Onderzoek project UB Leiden, Bodleian Library, Erfgoed e.o. rond digitale leerweg[ 

    UB Leiden, De Lakenhal?]

·       Eventueel bijdragen aan fondswerving Leidse variant Mesh Festival III [ BPlus C]

·       Eventueel bijdragen aan uitwisseling Leidse Hofjesconcerten [Stg Leidse Hofjes concerten]: 

    bij voldoende input vanuit Oxford

·       Bijdragen aan digitaal muziekproject [Sophie ter Schure]: sonderen binnen Leidse 

    basisscholen in samenwerking met gemeente

·       Bijdrage aan ontwikkeling kiosk voor Leidse koorboeken [Roger Busschots, Britt Verstegen]: 

    evt samenhang opening Lakenhal in 2019

·       Uitgifte tweetalige stedenbandbrochure (analoog & digitaal)  uit te geven [gemeente, nog geen uitgever bekend]: bij voldoende inzet

·       Bijdragen Oxford run Ronald McDonaldhuis in juni ? [RMcD huis Leiden]

·       Voorbereiden optreden Messy Jam Dancers in juli [Gymsport Leiden]


Leiden, januari/mei 2018/rch//translate.google.nl/#

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  • Mosaic Leiden Square

Leiden offers mosaics for Leiden Square in Oxford

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the township between Leiden and Oxford, 

Mayor Lenferink will offer a mosaic on the city of Oxford on November 11, 2017.

The mosaic is placed in the mall, the Westgate Mall. Last year, the city of Oxford 

named a square to Leiden in consultation with the owners of the Westgate Mall.

The municipality of Leiden has commissioned the collaboration of Leiden and Oxonian artists, 

KLICK, to design a mosaic. Lauren Baldwin, Tamsin Corrigan, both from Oxford, 

and Emma van Noort from Leiden, have been in charge of this task. The creation of the mosaic 

had the necessary feet in Earth because of English regulations on safety, but the result is now.

The next week, the final step, the installation of the mosaic in the floor, will be carried out under 

the auspices of the artists involved. The official opening will take place on November 11th.

The Lord Mayor of Oxford and our mayor will perform the official opening ceremony.

The opening of the mosaic will be framed by musical performances by K & G from Leiden 

and the Cutting Edge brass band from Oxford. A damp contribution is provided 

by Leidsch beer brewer Leidsch Beer.
Roelof Hol
Chairman of the City of Leiden-Oxford

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Press Statement at Bike-Event

Citylinks Leiden-Oxford and Leiden-Torun  on bike in Oxford

The Leiden citylinksorganizations for Oxford and Torun work together with the Leiden city municipality
Since 2016, a joint project on cycling in different cities.
The aim is to involve more young people in the work of the urban ties through "The Bicycle".
In 2016 it was the turn of Leiden, where the event was organized by
contributions from the ROC and Leiden University.
From 13 to 17 June 2017, participants from Leiden and Torun will be active in Oxford.
For example, a symposium is organized where the different cities of
Oxford will present the bicycle policy in their city. On behalf of Leiden, Chris will be the Spring
of the municipality take care of the presentation. But also bike tours through Oxfordshire,
together with local organizations, are part of the program.
And in memory of Carel van Ingen, old international city band coordinator of
Leiden and devastated cyclist, who died in December 2016, is organized a hill-climb.
Leiden is co-represented by six students from the European
student travel association AEGEE-Leiden, bringing European students into contact,
through cultural exchanges to pursue a democratic and diverse Europe.
Four people participate in Torun. By 2018, the cooperation project in Torun
to get a follow-up.
Follow the participants during their activities in June via https // www.facebook.com / aegee.leiden /

who is who Daniël Amesz, Tinke Weenink, Ines Noordermeer, Mieke van Immerseel, Sophie de Jong (all of AEGEE, 

not on picture: Sari Verdijk), Roelof Hol (chairman Citylink Leiden-Oxford), Bram Danen (head delegation City Leiden)

Leiden Square Opening in November

In November 2017, Leiden Square in Oxford will be officially opened.
On the proposal of the leadership of the Leiden city band, the artist collective KLICK,
consisting of young artists from Leiden and Oxford a design for a mosaic
(or similar artwork). From Leiden, Emma van Noort will participate in this.
The costs are borne equally by both cities.
And who knows once again for friends of the town band once again give reason
Oxford to visit and visit old friends.

Association of Friends of Oxford Stopped

After more than twenty years, the members' meeting of the Oxford Friends Association

has been held and decided to stop with the Friends of Oxford Organisation. 

The membership was by natural course, aging and the lack of new (young) members has now 

dropped to under 30, why the board proposed a few months ago to end the activities.
The Citylink Leiden-Oxford takes tasks such as the organization around the annual visits 

Board members of the association will be available for this purpose.The digital newsletter will also

be released with the support of former board member Menso Giesbert, also board member of the foundation. 

The disappearance of the association indicates that it is necessary to adjust the structure of the urban band 

and to make attractive for new, young participants. The possibility is considered to organize more activities 

projectually, which makes it temporary character, but at the same time it is more attractive than a 

somewhat formal management function.
The coming Bike Event is already an example of that.

Archive of the Leiden-Oxford City Foundation

Roelof Hol, chairman of the Leiden-Oxford City Council, has been working for some time now to the archive of the foundation so that this can be transferred to management
Heritage leads, therefore, the former municipal archive. Also the archive of the
The Oxford Association of Friends is included in this regard.
There have now been received documents from a single member of the board or member,
but we call old members or board members of the Oxford Association of Friends
or the Stichting Leiden-Oxford City Foundation to make available material.

You can send a message to Roelof.hol@planet.nl

R.C. Hol

A Milestone of Light

In the Newspaper Leidsch Dagblad of 03-02-2017
was written a article about Carel van Ingen
by Broer Roolvink.

Carel van Ingen 

Born on the 10th of July 1946 in Almelo 

Passed away  on the  4th December 2016 at Langeraar.

During the funeral service, many images 
of the life of
Carel van Ingen were displayed.
The wide variety of activities where Carel had been part in was impressive.
When the cheerful 'Tukker' in 1978 went to work in the city of Leiden,
no one knew
that they had made a centipede in house. And he did everything with such passion and pleasure

Carel was born in Almelo, married the German Resel and goes living later in Langeraar. They love to travel and go anywhere with their children Eva and Jasper. With some friends from anywhere he founded a cycling club, which makes a trip somewhere in Eastern Europe each year. Friendship and seeking connection  with people, whoever they are, wherever they live, he is always enthusiastic. And as always he does everything from a huge drive, focus on the welness of his fellow men and the society, he was also committed  in the tennis club in his village.

For the municipality of Leiden, he is  officially active for the foreign workers, migrants, disabled people, refugees and homeless shelter. Van Ingen has been a long career with the Cityhall behind him, when he gets involved in 1998 in the city links Leiden has with Oxford, Krefeld, Buffalo City (South Africa), Juicalpa (Nicaragua) and the Polish Torun. This task fiis him like a glove. He not only has the necessary patience, but if it needs to, it can awas fatallso be very tough to ignore him. He wants  to be taken by the others quite seriously, but at the same time he has a decent dose of humor, and perspective it is not strange. Carel still is trying to really give a content exchange in the fields of sports and culture.

After his retirement in 2009 he has been at events like the Symposium 'The Art Translation "(2010) and the" Big Book Project' in 2014 and is also involved thanks to his built network of international contacts . And in the context of the 'Leiden Cycle Event 'at Oxford this year the' Bike Week 'will be organized. The winner gets the "Carel van Ingen Trophy.

Roelof Hol, the Chairman of the Twinning Leiden-Oxford says:

"So we show our appreciation for the importance that  Carel has had  for the City of Leiden-Oxford years. '

Extremely unfortunate that a brain tumor was fatal to this modest and passionate man with his vast experience, 

and his of great significance for the commitment of Leiden with the citylinks, .

But even a centipede kan faal. But the people loved him.

And for him each day was, as he he said: 

"A milestone of light." 

Let him as to remain be a beacon to all who read this tribute ..

Leidsch dagblad

Broer Roolvink


Newsletter Leiden-Torun December 2016

If you want to see this Newsletter please click

In Memoriam Carel van Ingen

My dear husban, our father, grandfather and brother has died. 

Every day was for him a milestone of lightt. 

We would hat to have him longer withus!.

Carel van Ingen


Almelo, July the 10th1946                                                    Langeraar, December the 4th 2016

Theresia van Ingen-Utech
Eva en Alistair
    Sarie, Emilie
Jasper en Hafid
Brothers and sisters

W. Ontzigtstraat 7

2461 SK Ter Aar


There is an opportunity to say goodbye to Carel on Wednesday, December 7th
from 20:30 to 21:00 at Monuta Van der Luit,
Willem de zwijgerlaan 179 in Leiden.
The ceremony will take place on Saturday, December 10th at 11:00 am in the auditorium of
Rhijnhof crematorium, Laan Rhijnhof 4 (entrance Haagsche Schouwweg) in Leiden.
Then there is the opportunity to offer condolences in the coffee room of Rhijnhof.
After condolences will follows an informal gathering in the center of Leiden.
You will be informed during the ceremony.
In accordance with Carel wish you can instead of flowers
make a donation to Vivir Juntos, a foundation for disabled children
in Juigalpa, Nicaragua.
You can also support this foundation by account number:

NL 10 TRIO 0390 9437 11.



In Memoriam Cock Dijsselbloem

The postman gave this morning (November 30 2016) is a very sad message.

Yesterday, November 29, 2016, after a brief hospitalization deceased:

Cornelia Johanna van der Meer, in the age of nearly 85 years.

We us, all known by her as Cock.
Cock has for many years been a familiar person in the Friends of Oxford.
Shortly after the establishment of the association, she was elected to the board with the function of
Secretary and carried out her work from 1989 until her retirement in 1999.
On the April 12th  annual meeting that year she became Honorary Member of
The association . In all those years she held the secretariat with great enthusiasm and satisfaction
Despite the changes that took place in and outside the association.
Gradually visiting  dinner during the visit of Oxford harder for her.
Nevertheless, she was frequently present in the last few years and

then was accompanied by daughter and son in law. The celebration of the 70th anniversary
of the Leiden-Oxford Link in Oxford this year she attended and then also under
the care of daughter and son.in law
We lose with her a known person of the first hour of the onset of
our association. We will miss her.
We wish daughters and extended family a lot of strength to accept this loss.
On behalf of the Board of the Friends of Oxford.
Ab Kersten, chairman

Leiden Square

New Westgate square name unveiled

By Sarah Edwards

 The name of the new south square in the Westgate development was

officially unveiled at a special reception.

 The reception welcomed visitors from Oxford’s twin cities who were visiting for the

Remembrance weekend and served as the ideal opportunity to announce the new square’s name.

 The reception was hosted by the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Councillor Mohammed 

Altaf-Khan and Oxford City Council Leader, Councillor Bob Price.

 The square has been named Leiden Square to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the twinning link 

between Leiden and Oxford. With Leiden Square to the south of the new Westgate Quarter, 

and Bonn Square to the north, the name will symbolically commemorate Oxford’s links with its 

two oldest twin cities.  The Burgemeester of Leiden, Henri Lenferink and the 

Burgermeister of Bonn, Helmut Kollig was present at the reception, as will Pascal Clouaire, 

Adjoint to the Mayor of Grenoble responsible for international links.

 Cllr Price said: “Oxford is proud of its long-standing links to cities both in Europe and 

throughout the rest of the world. As an international city, twinning is a tradition that we 

intend to strengthen and to encourage strong participation from all sections of Oxford’s community. 

The naming of the new Leiden Square is an opportunity to commemorate our friendship in a 

permanent form as we approach the 70th anniversary of twinning with the city, and to remember

the tragic events of World War 2 which brought the three cities of Bonn, Leiden and Oxford together.”

Sara Fuge, Development Manager for the Westgate Alliance added: 

“We are delighted that visitors to Westgate Oxford will be able to enjoy using the new 

Leiden Square when we open in October 2017. This exciting new space in the heart of our scheme 

will be somewhere for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s a stop-gap from shopping or eating out, 

to rest and take in your surroundings, or to enjoy the events that we will host here. 

We are pleased that the name of the square has such an important meaning to Oxford 

and look forward to welcoming everyone next year.”

Next year, on Remembrance weekend, the City Council is planning to unveil 

a plaque in the square to mark the 70th anniversary in a ceremony which will 

be attended by the Burgemeester of Leiden and enlivened by performances from 

the Netherlands most famous marching band which was set up by the Free 

Dutch Army and the exiled Dutch Royal family in Congleton in 1941.

More information on:

"Travelprogram" TV/Radio West

During the reception where Oxford announced Leiden Square  our mayor showed a nice movie.
It was designed by an artist who makes a tripprogram (she did not hat to leave Leiden).
Oxford history passes from the twelfth minute. The film was very well received by the audience,
  everyone loved it. Video is freely available on the website of Omroep West.

Press Statement at Brexit

       The twinning between Leiden and Oxford was founded in 1946, to the intense contacts during

        the war were to continue after the war. In the year of the 70th anniversary, the question arises
        how to that band contents to be given, at the time that the
United Kingdom for itself
        retirement expressed, even appeared in
Oxford but to be 30% in favor. Now the news is still fresh, 

        it seems wise to stick to the motto that the British to keep their own people during the war days: keep calm 

        and carry on. In his speech  during the dinner youngest of the partnership with Oxford Leiden in early May, 

        the President of the Leiden board guests all that twinning
        is all about friendship and that is precisely in difficult times something to keep firm afloat. True friendship is a 

        band that has room for differences of opinion. It is a foundation of trust that you well together to have.

        There is no place for mistrust, suspicions and quick blame. Let the twinning bridge stay warm 

        human contact which 70 years ago was so strong and which need it in future can not be missed

        Roelof Hol

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Program Bike-event 

Leidcycle 22-06; 23-06 and 24-06-2016



Activities and locations

Tuesday 21 June





Oxford arrival at  Schiphol Airport

-          Arrival in Leiden +/- 20:00


Torun arrival at Schiphol Airport

-          Arrival in Leiden +/- 23:00

Wednesday 22 June













Meet up at Easyfiets, Haagweg 8 Leiden to get our bikes

Meet up at city hall. Get acquainted with one another while drinking coffee and eating cake. 


Presentation about how people cycle in Leiden


Presentations from all participants


Welcome speech by a city council member


Explanation about the bicycle exam and the theory of cycling.



Cycle exam!

Backpack will be handed out filled with food, snacks, something to drink and a map of Leiden.







19:45-21:00 (this could run a little late)

Picnic at the Burght of Leiden

Bicycle tour through Leiden. We will be stopping at a mill and some parking garages for bikes.

Guided tour trough a mill

Guided tour through ROC school and a three-course meal.


Old Dutch games in the woods.



Thursday 23 June



Meet up at the central station

The backpacks will be filled with snacks once again.


Heineken guided tour in Zoeterwoude!







Cycle tour back to Leiden & a lunch at a pancake restaurant.


Park the bikes in a underground bike garage.


Boat trip through the canals of Leiden with a drink and some snacks


Goodbye dinner at Bregje in the Breestraat


Cycling to Katwijk to watch the sunset and free time

Friday 24 June







A final brunch at city hall. After the brunch we would like to ask everyone some questions about their experiences.

When we’ve said our goodbyes we will give you a little souvenir of your trip and then you’re off home.

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 The committee of the twinning Leiden-Oxford is associated with changes in the committee  looking
 for people who would fulfill the function of secretary and / or treasurer.

It is thought to someone who has an affinity with Leiden and with the City of Leiden-Oxford in particular.
Age does not really matter, but in connection with renewal of the committee is a younger person
always welcome.

The work of the Secretary  involves liaising with our sister Oxford therefore,
a reasonable knowledge of English is important.

The secretary takes care of the correspondence with other related contacts exchange.
The secretary takes care of the agenda and the invitation for this and is responsible for reporting of the meeting.
It is possible to combine the treasurer with the secretariat.
The treasurer makes annually the budget and the financial report.
This in consultation with the chairman and secretary. Furthermore, he / she arranges the payments.
Want to know something more about the City, go to:
 If you are interested, let us know.
You can contact the chairman hr. R. Hol.
The email address is:
I look forward to your response.
 R. Hol,
Chairman of  Stedenband Leiden-Oxford

Farewell Hein van Woerden

Memories of Oxford

As far as I must believe my photo albums,  my first contacts with Oxford are from 1974, when the twinning with Oxford and Krefeld on October 3 - 400 years Relief of Leiden - with a festive session of the citycouncil - in the Stadsgehoorzaal were officially ractificated.The three anthems were sung with former alderman Bram Kret - who meanwhile had become mayor of Sassenheim- at the organ.Who from Oxford did sign the protocol I do not know exactly. Was it Mayor Olive Frances Gibbs or the Deputy Mayor Bill Fagg, who would play an important role in the cordial relations between Leiden and Oxford city councils? (Carel van Ingen: it was the Deputy Mayor, Reverend Tony Williamson, Olive Gibbs was unable to attend because of a previously planned official visit to Bonn) .In any case it was a beautiful ceremony and a spectacular party in the hall afterwards. Not long after that I spent as secretary of the political section of the Committee international exchanges my first visit to our sister city. It was a memorable trip. Led by Councillor Cor Elzinga and in the presence of Councillor Tinus van Aken, a group of councilors and some accompanying officials made the crossing. It was planned to be by plane, but against all odds the unit was fully booked. We had quickly to switch over to the boat and the visit thus began a day late on Victoria Street Station in London, where the Lord Mayors Secretary Harold Williams as arranged was waiting with a "salmon pink folder" under his arm for the delegation. "Quick visit by slow boat" headlined the Oxford Mail, but the rest of the visit was very intense, warm, interesting and useful. It would be visiting the first meeting of a big series, my interest and love for the city of Oxford has awaked.In doing all these years I have definitely visited 35 times Oxford. It seems a lot, but it's only a fraction of the number of  times that many Oxfordfriends from Leiden have visited.It is obvious that because of my function visits were administratively colored. So took our office care of receiving successive Lord Mayors, including many colorful characters, from high to low in the social stratosphere. As the Labour mayor Bill Fagg ever had as a trade unionist shut down in the Morris car factories, which he and his wife did not hold back from a life-long and intimate friendship to build the liberal Cor Elzenga and his wife Joke, which the couple Fagg numerous times have housed at the Forsythiadal and where I was a guest many times during these visits.I remember that in 1981 Lord Mayor Gordon Woodward and wife Dorothy visited  on 3 October Leiden. The newly appointed Cees Goekoop had relief of Leiden discovered as an excellent networking opportunity. Was until that year the town hall sealed, Cees broke with it and began increasingly to invite guests from home and abroad to the special character of the party to carry out into the world
In from my photo albums is another photo where Gordon and Dorothy,  Ambassador Uchida of Japan and I make a morning ride in a carriage through the  festive city.
 Gordon Woodward relations have been intimately. Gordon has been committed  throughout his life to make some of the twinning.

  Not for nothing, he received the Golden Pin of the municipality of Leiden, like other prominent residents of Oxford, the unforgettable John Parsons, who has done so much for the Oxford Leiden Link. Both the funeral of John as Gorden were attended by the then now former mayor Goekoop and myself. One of the most intense years was the jubilee year 1986. Forty years Oxford Leiden Link. The BBC Oxford had the idea to provide live coverage every day in the anniversary week from the canteen of the Leiden city hall. With interviews of known and unknown Leideners and reports that were recorded in the afternoon to be sent the next day. A phenomenal project! At my suggestion, it was decided to try the St Matthew Passion on Good Friday - the last day of the festival week in Leiden - get aired in Oxford. The ever enthusiastic station manager John Bright However hiccupped against the cost of the rental of telephone lines, which were necessary to enable a direct broadcast. So he devised a plan to send the broadcast to all 36 regional BBC stations in Great Brittannië.Therefore however, was the support and money needed for this from the national BBC, who eventually hired the lines (then an extremely expensive bussiness!) . All England could enjoy the Leiden Matthew Passion! The dress rehearsal on Thursday, however, ended disastrously. Due to a design error dropped the stage, on which was the choir, before the eyes of the astonished British presenter together and there were a few minor injuries and the start was delayed by half an hour. Big news in Oxford! The rural BBC was very seriousbusy with the whole project. For the project I am five times been in England to convince the BBC of the qualities of the Bach Choir of Holland and the Residence Orchestra. Condition was the fact that a Dutch broadcaster would send the implementation. But to send an entire recording and train crew to Leiden was too expensive and fortunately the EO lent a helping hand to take the shot for his account. Thus came the 40th anniversary of Leiden Oxford by radio also stand in the Netherlands in the spotlight. In almost all lustra I was in Oxford. With Joop van der Reijden, Cees Goekoop, which came down in a clump sailing and stuck in the willows on the banks of the Thames, Cees Hugens Eric Filemon and with all those many friends that we have had so much fun.The last few years I have not been much more in Oxford. Of course I meet old friends at the Mayvisit to Leiden. But of course, my work took me too much of me in recent years.But also played with it a few years ago, that the exchanges with Oxford have been transferred to Carel van Ingen, who enthusiastically did his task has and he made a book about the history of the exchange. I was pleased to be present at the presentation in the hall of Oxford. Leiden has had the privilege to be tied together by Sir Stanley Rous and Albert Milhado. There are shorter or longer time eternal friendships, marriages are derived from, countless people have spend unforgettable days in Oxford.
so too is it with me. If I look to Morse - or nowadays Lewis -, I try to get back involuntarily the streets and squares in memory. 
Hein Woerden took 18-06-2014 sayedfarewell to the city of Leiden where he worked for 43 years.


(Photos / Video: Chris de Waard) .

Beautiful and fond memories of a beautiful city with wonderful people!

Hein van Woerden, November 2014. 

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In Memoriam Roel Dragt

In the last week of October, we received the sad news that our former president and honorary member of the association:

Roelof Harm Dragt,

was deceased at the respectable age of almost 90 
He was one of the participants during the first sports exchange in 1946.


 Roel was very closely involved in the visits to and from Oxford. He was one of the participants during the first sports exchange in 1946. As a result of these exchanges, and later he was the initiator in conjunction with some other members to come to an association that was founded in 1987. An association that intended to organize meetings with the participants of the exchange after visiting Oxford. The association that arose got a large number of members and carried the name: Friends of Oxford. As president of the association, he had many initiatives to the resulting Twinning Leiden - Oxford to further develop and support from the Twinning Association. In 1999, Roel gave the gavel to his successor and said goodbye. He regularly attended meetings until his age and the move to an appartement out of Leiden. On October 30rd 2013, in the crematorium Rhijnhof visited by very many friends, including the Board of the Association of Friends of Oxford and the Board of the Leiden-Oxford City Link we have parted from him. With respect we will remember Roel Dragt within the association.

In Memoriam Peter Silvester

Two months after his 90th birthday, Peter Silvester deceased in Oxford.

The party to celebrate that milestone was attended by several members of the Oxford Committee. Most of us knew Peter well: a likeable, quiet man with a wonderful sense of humor. Peter became involved in the exchange as a member of a photography club. He and his wife Joyce stayed with Dora and Arend Master.

 From this developed a close friendship: the four of them have made ​​many  holidaytrip. For many years, Peter was a member of the Oxford Committee, where he was greatly appreciated. What he said was always "to the point". He is also the designer of the official logo of the link and the beautiful "Goldpin". Riet Aalders and Janneke Ottevanger were distinguished in the nineties with this pin, awarded by the then President John Parsons. Joyce, who was always active in the Link, died in 2011. The Silvesters both have made ​​a tremendous contribution to the exchanges. We are greatly indebted to them

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Lintje Filemon

Double celebration

On October 1th, the Mini Coral took place at the Garenmarkt, which was filled with up to 3,400 schoolchildren! This festive event is for 21 years with enthusiasm led by Eric Philemon,
 in his capacity as” Mayor” Pieter van der Werff. The Mayor  of Leiden Lenferink was present and usually carries at the beginning,the  Mayorchain temporarily to "Mayor vd Werf" .But not this year. As he said himself: "He had a task ...."  Almost at the end of this meeting, with the Siege and Relief  of Leiden that was told and sung, Mayor Lenferink came on stage!On behalf of King Willem-Alexander, he was pinning Eric  the decorations associated with the appointment of "Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau" for his many social merits.So, among others, 11 years, he was chairman of the Twinning Foundation Leiden-Oxford. During his during his "reign"(without others doing short course)  there were many funny and interesting large exchanges. He is or was involved in Alecto (hockey) - Danaides (basketball) - and has been active  in the "October 3 Association" in all kinds of functions. And all this in addition to its functions in education! Eric, on behalf of "Leiden-Oxford" Congratulations!

Lintje van Gorkom

Music with a touch ...
Earlier this year, there was also still a Royal Distinction awarded! Aukje van Gorkom-Winsemius was involved in the International musical performances in Oxford. Since 2000 she was 20 years the driving Power and Core of the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Rijnstreek" (JSR). In this capacity, she was also strongly making to participate in Oxford with the orchestra. A lot of work has been done here by her and that was a great support to us:
Board of Leiden-Oxford. Call one of the youth members of the first Oxford adventure "Noye's Fludde" and one story after another rolls over you .... She now stops all her volunteer activities with the orchestra and the national workinggroup youth orchestras of the Federation of Amateur symphony and string orchestras.
During the summerconcert last July, Aukje was thanked very much for all her efforts and dedication during those 20 years and she received from the hands of the Mayor of Rijnwoude the royal honor. She is a member of the Order of Orange-Nassau now!
On behalf of "Leiden-Oxford", Aukje, congratulations!